for Canadian Professional Engineering technical exam candidates since 1997





  1. Instructors will provide as much assistance as required based on the present fees. There is no discount for large volume assistance.
  1. Fees are due when the exam candidate  and Cybered have determined what the nature of the assistance will be.  If no instructor can be located a full refund of fees is provided. Payment is by personal cheque or money order (your bank or Post office has these) made out to CYBERED and mailed to our address, or by using Interac Email Money Transfer.
  1. Because the internet is free, apart from provider fees, CYBERED uses it.
  1. Email programs are abundant as separate programs and also resident in browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Eudora or Thunderbird are free source programs that have been used for many years , are excellent packages,  and can be downloaded for free on the Internet. MS Outlook provides an equally excellent page which has some plusses because it interfaces well with the other MS products such as MSWord and Excel.

    As an added note, scanners are becoming very affordable. Instructors use them where possible to convey information. Exam candidates might also consider one as it can be used to transmit any form of data, including graphics, very quickly. Candidates and instructors are to ensure that no viruses are transmitted by keeping  virus scan programs current.

    Note that information may also be transmitted via FAX but this is discouraged to keep costs to a minimum. A FAX  also is not normally of high quality

  1. The assistance will be strictly that of answering questions, either those posed by the candidate or from old examinations. Comparing solutions to old examinations is a very helpful way of determining if you are ready to write them.
  1. The assistance CYBERED instructors will provide is as follows:

    Candidates can ask their own questions OR provide a list of questions from old examinations. The reply will address each and solution to old examination questions will consist of a full description as should be provided when writing the exam. The answers will be provided in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat format.

  1. Possibly further help may be required . Additional fees could be charged if the exam candidate requests further assistance than what was originally agreed upon. The candidate will be advised before this takes place as payment is required in advance.
  1. First you email us for assistance.  You will be sent a prompt reply and once agreement is reached on the nature of the assistance you will be asked to submit payment and return it by post. Payment is in the form of a cheque, money order, or email money transfer and should include the GST. Note that credit cards are not used. We will then try to find an instructor to provide the assistance. If one cannot be found your fees will be fully refunded. If one is located you will be sent an indication how long it will take to provide the answers to your questions. The answers will be emailed to you once completed and if solutions already exist these will be emailed as soon as payment is received.  If the solutions provided are new solutions (those done for the first time) you will be asked if there are any difficulties with the solutions provided. The instructor will address any short questions but if extensive explanations are required further charges will apply. At that stage our assistance with you has been completed. You will be issued a receipt upon request.
Top   9.  Examination question solutions and tutoring require suitable instructors and these may or may not be available at a moments notice.  Candidates are encouraged to contact CYBERED as soon as possible if assistance is required, preferably 2-3 months before the exam.  

Examination solutionsTypical time for answers to examination questions we do NOT have is approximately 2 weeks, however this can be much longer close to examination time due to large requests from procrastinators.  Exam solutions we already have can be sent as soon as payment has been made. Again,  2-3 months notice is preferred.

Tutoring If tutoring assistance is required, and not examination solutions, the instructors will keep track of their time in providing assistance and will advise CYBERED and the exam candidate if the allotted time is exceeded. The candidate can then purchase extra assistance at $80/hr.

Top   10.  Solution to old examinations is the common request and is also priced at $80/hr.

Required solutions that we DO NOT HAVE to a 3 hour exam will cost $240 as of 2008, or $2.40/mark as the exam is normally out of 100 marks. If 5 solutions are required in the exam and each are of equal value, for example, the cost per solution to each question is $48/question/solution. Solutions that we DO HAVE from past requests are offered at a 1/2 discount, or $1.20/mark.  We will provide a list of solutions we have and their pricing.

Tutoring on the other hand simply consists of replying to questions from the exam candidate. Any questions are acceptable as long as they relate to the examination material. This includes questions on concepts, theory, methods, process, etc. The instructor will try to answer these as they are sent and will keep track of the time. As instructors are most likely not available in your locale most tutoring takes place via email.