for Canadian Professional Engineering technical exam candidates since 1997


Fee Schedule



  • Initial fee of $240 for Three (3) hours.
  • Additional blocks may be purchased at the same hourly rate of $80/hr .
  • Solutions to examination questions are based on  ($80/hr) fee schedule.  We will provide a list of solutions and their cost.
  • A minimum order of $240 applies for solutions we do not have.
  • Solutions of examination questions we already have are offered at half price, and for these there is no minimum fee.  We will provide you with a list of those we have.
  • GST is payable on all fees

(Note that full Courses are no longer offered by CYBERED as of March 2007)

NOTE: Examination candidates are encouraged to send us an email indicating the assistance needed. They will receive a prompt reply providing information on the assistance we can offer. After the candidate and CYBERED have decided on what assistance will be provided full payment is required. We prefer that you use email money transfer (called Interac), an option available if you bank at CIBC,  Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank of Canada and Presidentís Choice Financial.  Check it out, it works, and it is completely secure with no transfer of any of your personal information. The other form is by way of a cheque or money order made out to CYBERED and mailed to the address indicated.  If an instructor cannot be found a full refund  of submitted fees will be issued.  Remember that our services require prepayment hence assistance cannot be provided until payment is received.

Receipts will be issued upon request for all fees paid.

Exam candidates are also asked to check with their employers. Many companies encourage employee upgrading and cover all, or some, of the associated expenses. These expenses could be the fees listed above but could also include additional expenses, such as:

  1. Initial application fee for Provincial Association.
  2. Additional fees when registered for CYBERED assistance such as: text(s), internet provider fee, long distance charges where applicable, postage, cost of faxing, etc. Students are encouraged to have internet/email capability.
  3. Examination fee for Provincial Association.
  4. Cost of engineering iron ring (the smallest and most pleasant fee!)