for Canadian Professional Engineering technical exam candidates since 1997

Types of Assistance



The assistance offered by CYBERED has the same name associated with it as the technical exam for which it is intended, i.e. tutoring in Mechanics of Fluids is intended for the exam, Mechanics of Fluids.


This is tutor instruction where the service is assistance on demand. The exam candidate is charged a time-based fee for tutoring or consulting service. Correspondence could be in the form of email, chat (internet), fax, or post office dialogue and will address specific problems which are being encountered while studying for a specific exam. Any questions may be asked including solutions of text book problems. This form of assistance is purchased from CYBERED for an initial fee of $240 for three (3) hours of assistance.  Additional assistance may be purchased at the same hourly rate ($80/hr) as required.



CYBERED has accumulated many old technical examination solutions since 1997. We provide these at a reduced cost and there is no minimum cost for existing solutions. CYBERED will provide a list of existing solutions upon request. Please email us a

Examination solutions we do NOT have are also available and are based on a cost of $80/hr.  Hence required solutions to a 3 hour examination would cost $240, or $2.40/mark. Any number of solutions may be requested but the minimum order for new solutions is $240. Copies of old examinations may be found at this web site.