for Canadian Professional Engineering technical exam candidates since 1997




The process of applying for membership in a provincial professional engineering association is as follows:

1. After graduation from a university, college, or technical school, the applicant may apply for registration.

2. The association will inform the applicant which technical exams he/she are required to write. If the applicant is a graduate from an accredited university in Canada he/she will normally be required to only write the Professional Practice Exam, and this after four years of work experience. Those applicants who are not graduates from recognized universities, in Canada or abroad, will be asked to write certain exams. These may total in excess of twenty or more. The only information provided the applicant is a syllabus of the exam, a list of recommended text(s), a course equivalent list, and a copy of a previous exam. The applicant is now on his own. No instruction is provided by the provincial association. It only administers the exams which is done twice per year, in the spring (May) and in the winter (December), although Alberta and Quebec have a different schedule.

At this point the applicant has many options (a-f):

a) Give up.

b) Write the exams without any help, basically through self study. It can be done. People have done it! I did!

c) Consult the Course Equivalent List provided by the provincial association (if one exists in your province) and hope that a local university is able to provide at a time convenient to you the necessary courses which are deemed equivalent to the exam. Successful completion of these courses may exempt you from having to write the provincial association exam. Check with your local provincial association first before you undertake this option. In the case of the PEO this option is not available for the Basic Studies examinations and those candidates that have been assigned a Confirmatory Program. That may be true for other provinces as well. Check with your provincial association.

d) Contact the provincial technologist association and check if there are any program or courses offered through the association.

e) Contact CYBERED or other providers for tutoring or exam solution assistance. Experienced educators/engineers will assist you in becoming familiar with the old exams and their solution. Note that after Cybered assistance you will still need to write the provincial association exam. 

f) Check with large universities such as the University of Toronto or a private firm such as EPIC. They sometimes offer correspondence, or evening classes in some of the subjects. Be sure to check with the provincial association that the course(s) offered are equivalent to the provincial exam in your province. If not, you may still be required to write the provincial exam.

3. Upon completion of all the exams and a thesis (if required), the candidate will have met all the academic requirements for admission into the association.